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     I hired this cleaning service to do a spring cleaning at my property. They did a fantastic job and had it done in half the time originally quoted. I will definitely be using their cleaning services in the future.
Carissa J.21/05/2020
     Had the best end of tenancy experience possible. North Harrow Cleaners's team did a decent job, especially when dealing with old stubborn stains on my rug and bathroom floors. They worked on every inch rag handling it with a lot of care. Thank you.
      North Harrow Carpet Cleaners are the only domestic cleaning services I use. Can't fault the price or the results.
Alex C.25/04/2017
     My husband was always complaining about the state of the house, but I just didn't have time to do all of the things that needed to be done. A friend of mine told me about Cleaning Firm North Harrow and I really liked their offers. Thanks to them my house looks so much better now! Their cleaning services and prices are perfect!
T. Newman29/08/2016
     I am so happy with the oven clean I hired last week. I had used various store-bought detergents but they never seemed to do the job. So my mum recommended North Harrow Cleaning Services as she had heard good reports about them. I did use them and they made a massive difference to the grills, racks and hob. It all looked so clean, wonderful work!
Theresa N.13/01/2016
     This is the kind of service that I've been looking for ages. I've found that, in recent months, my work has been getting so busy that I've not had the time needed to make sure that all of the cleaning has been done properly. I decided to give a professional firm a go in my house and wanted to make sure that I got the best help around. After looking around at what the companies had to offer, NorthHarrowCarpetCleaners were the right choice for me. They made a big difference in my home and have been really helpful.
Joe Peterson04/06/2014
     I couldn't believe how well NorthHarrowCarpetCleaners handled my office cleaning needs. I needed a company that could provide quick and efficient service on my time schedule. I needed a company that was thorough and professional, who really knew how to provide expert service. NorthHarrowCarpetCleaners was able to work on my time frame, and all of their workers were professional and knowledgeable about how best to clean the area. I would definitely suggest calling this company for all your cleaning needs. They are efficient, reliable and helpful. Thanks again for the hard work and professional attitude!
Pedro S. 18/02/2014

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